U.S. Census, 1910

Original Census Map
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The 1910 census shows there was a major increase over the previous enumeration. This census however had one key change that had been intact since 1830. It was the date of enumeration that was changed, instead of the normal June 1 of each decadal census, its enumeration began almost two months earlier on April 1. Of course, there were other changes made as well.

This census brought in only brought two new counties:

(1) Bonner (21 Feb 1907)
(2) Twin Falls (21 Feb 1907)

Questionnaires in this census had been changed a bit from what was asked before, thought one of the inquiries was the industry to which the individual worked, such as the “mines and quarries” of their general occupation because of the high-ends of mining claims that increased from past enumerations. Also, query "... on nationality or mother tongue of foreign-born persons and their parents." Overview 1910 Census, Census.gov

Furthermore, this census enumeration had helped United States be “… able to use its compiled population and economic data to report on populations of draft-age men, along with the different states' industrial capacities." Overview 1910 Census, Census.gov

One of the most unfortunate problematic devastation of the forest fire that consumed over 1/6 of Idaho’s northern forestry region a few short months after the enumeration was completed in April or May of 1910. This forest fire destroyed many communities that was reported in that region, despite the fact, it didn’t decrease the population loss. It also changed the past laws and procedures that had been under the U.S. Forestry Department stature. The good news for Idaho that set back didn’t deter its population growth, and many, many new counties were created.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the total population of Idaho was 325,594, an increase of 50 percent from the previous census.

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