U.S. Census, 1900

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The Turn of the Century ushered in new life to Idaho. The 1900 census had increased its population by over 45 percent, and since its statehood in July 1890, it brought many new innovations and movements into the next century. One movement was giving the women’s suffrage and rights to vote in 1896. Other innovations were the coming of machineries of processing mining placers with ease, and other inventions.

And then, there were five new counties who realigned new boundaries or reestablished previous local government:

(1) Canyon (7 Mar 1891)
(2) Fremont (4 Mar 1893)
(3) Bannock (4 Mar 1893)
(4) Blaine (5 Mar 1895)
(5) Lincoln (5 Mar 1895)

Two of these counties, Blaine and Lincoln counties, had basically re-established former counties that had certain reasons to these changes. Historically, Alturas County had been a powerful pollical large county until 1889 when many men in the area south of the old county, desiring to separate from Alturas and won that right, and yet, it continue to be this battle of who’s the best until the State defunct these two counties and re-established them into those of Blaine and Lincoln counties.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that this enumeration produced 161,772 citizens into Idaho. To search this census enumeration, visit the Idaho State University’s history department:

1900 U.S. Census

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