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Idaho's Eastern Counties

Idaho Places: Eastern Counties Clark County Fremont Cuunty Jefferson County Madison County Teton County Bingham County Bonneville County Power County Bannock County Caribou County Oneida County Franklin County Bear Lake County

Idaho’s central counties consist of thirteen counties, which none, but one---Oneida County---were not incorporated until end of the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century. Oneida County was a part of the few original counties that were organized by 1864 under the Idaho territorial legislature.

The following counties (from north to south) are: Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, Teton, Bingham, Bonneville, Power, Bannock, Caribou, Oneida, Franklin, and Bear Lake counties. To learn about each county’s communities name-place, simply click on the county’s name on map.

an unincorporated community within the county.
a census-designated place (CDP) -- the U.S. Census Bureau states that these census-designated places are not considered incorporated places, and it includes only census-designated places in its city population list for various states that has many incorporated communities.
not the defunct Tamarack Resort that's located in Valley County, Idaho.
this city is partially incorporated into both Bannock County, Idaho, and Power County, Idaho.
a previously known community, where such criteria as village, town or city had once been designated as, has become permanently abandoned or deserted by its inhabitants completely, whether its structures still exists in parts or in whole.