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Statement and Ledger of the Ethnic Groups

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    • Czechs ()
    • Dutch ()
    • English ()
    • French/French Canadian ()
    • Germans/German Russians ()
    • Mexican/Hispanic ()
    • Portuguese ()
    • Scandinavians ()
    • Swiss ()
    • Welsh ()

The Ethnic Map shows the following colored map pins of the different ethnic groups that are located in the State of Idaho. Those this ethnic map gives general information as over time the various ethnic groups have moved around until it became a melting pot of all or none of the group.

The Ethnic Groups in Idaho has been widely diverse from every walks of life. Perhaps one of the most prominent individuals that have been was the miners from every ethnic groups. The image below is a group of miners who worked in the many mining districts across the state.

Thanks to the Idaho Mining Association one of several images of miners in Idaho.

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Ethnic Groups & Information (Table Format)

Enthnic Groups Cultural Backgrounds & Traditions Additional Info
Asian (Chinese & Japanese) Miners & Domestic Workers
Basque Traditional Sheepherders
Black (African American) Runaways, Former Slaves, & Scouts
Czechs () See Ethnic Map for general Czechs popluation  
Dutch () primarily farmers  
English (includes Cornish & Irish) () Miners, and Settlers
Finnish Silver Valley & Long Valley  
French & French Canadians () Early Miners, then spread across the stae  
Germans & German Russians () Shoshone, Latah, Kootenai, Nez Perce, Bannock, Bingham, & Minidoka Counties  
Hispanic (Mexican) () agricultural workers More Info
Italians primarily miners in Central mining districts  
Mormons Settlements in Centeral & Eastern Idaho, & Upper Snake River Valley More Info
Native American (Coeurd'Alene) Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe (Skitswish) More Info
Native American (Kootenai) Kootenai Tribes More Info
Native American (Nez Perce) Nez Perce Tribe More Info
Native American (Shoshone-Bannock) Shoshone-Bannock Tribes More Info
Native American (Shoshone-Paiute) Shoshone-Paiute Tribes More Info
Poles & Slovaks Sawtooth Mountain Range  
Portuguese Settled in Lincoln & Gooding counties  
Scandinavians () Panhandle Settlements, Bear Lake Valley & Upper Snake River Valley  
Swiss () primarily farmers.  
Welsh () Miners, Mormons & Railroad Workers  

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Additional Resources of Ethnic Groups

Idaho - Ethnic Groups from

The 2000 census included 17,645 American Indians. There are five reservations; the most extensive is that of the Nez Perce' in northern Idaho, with a total population of 17,959 in 2000.

There is a very small population of black Americans (5,456 in 2000) and a larger number of Asians (11,889 in 2000), 2,642 of them Japanese. In 2000 there were 101,690 persons of Hispanic origin, and a very visible Basque community in the Boise area, with an organization devoted to preserving their language and culture.

The foreign born (64,080) accounted for about 5% of Idaho's population in 2000, up from 28,905 (2.8%) in 1990.

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The World Comes To Idaho from Vision of Idaho

Idaho Public TeleVision

daho's people come from many parts of the world. Discover the ethnic diversity of Idaho's residents and how economic development brought people to the state. The program discusses the conditions many groups found in Idaho.Visit some ethnic groups in Idaho today.

Video :

Ethnic Groups Add Diversity to Gem State

This article was written on May 6, 1990 by Carole Simon-Smolinksi for the Tribune.

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